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Job Title Sr. Screen Print Operator
Job Type Full-time
Job Status Searching
Location USA
Start Date ASAP
Job Description As our Senior Operator-1 you will have to have had previous training and experience operating most all large screen printing machines such as a 16-color/2-flashes, the M&R Alpha-8, the Pant Printing Line, and accustom to working with High-End Art and Over-sized print while successfully meeting our minimum production standards on each machine.

In this position, you will be leading your Production Team in the screen printing production process for your shift. You must be able to identify technical problems and resolve those issues using creative thinking and suggesting idea’s to improve best practice methods. Provide direction and build a team spirit to inspire the other associates to be promoted to the next level. Ensure acceptable levels of screen printing quality are maintained within your team. Additionally you will have the opportunity to train your new associates to our method of successful screen printing while adhering to our safety practices.

Key Responsibilities:

•Set-up screens on the press using the Tri-loc System as rapidly as possible using the members of your team for assistance
•Lead the team during the setups/tear-downs and running the product while following all safety practices and manufacturing SOP’S
•Effectively setup and run as much quality product possible each day during your shift while limiting the amount of downtime needed to perform the job tasks within the team
•Communicate with Division Leaders, Op-2’s, and Inspectors during all aspects of the setups/tear-downs, running the orders that come though your press
•Communicate changes and identify issues that may arise within the production process; make-ups, pulling problems, re-shoots, or art issues, etc.
•Manage the Op-2 and Inspector during the setups/tear-downs and utilize time management
•Lead and communicate change(s) to your team whether it is in the area of art, screens, ink or screen print SOP’S
•Ensure daily checklist for clean up is followed at shifts end for the next shift
•Responsible for accurate recording information on the production logs
•Maintain your work environment neat and clean daily

Key Relationships:
•Op-2 / Inspectors
•Division Leaders/ Shift Managers
•Ink Techs

Education and Experience / Minimum Qualifications:
• High School Diploma or Equivalent (GED)
• 3-year past Operating experience

We offer a comprehensive Benefit Package,including medical insurance, paid vacation, paid holidays sick days and...We also provide a relocation assistance program if needed.
Qualifications Knowledge Skills and Abilities:

•Must have expert knowledge in running all the large screen printing presses mentioned above
•Must be able to read and understand color copies and work
•Good possess excellent communication skills
•Must communicate clearly when instructing new and existing associates
Compensation 16.00-20.00 per hour-DOE
Number of Openings 4
Email Resume To info@textilestaffinglink.com
Contact Info
Contact Phone: 281-218-7823
Contact Email: info@textilestaffinglink.com

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