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Job ID  Job Title Location Job Status
150 Women's Senior Product Designer USA Searching
184 Warp Knitting Technician KY Searching
143 Sr. Screen Print Operator USA Searching
70 Shipping and Receiving Supervisor Florida Searching
171 Sewing Machine Mechanic Searching
17 Sewing Machine Floor Mechanic US Searching
117 Senior Manager Capacity/Supply Chain Planning US Searching
161 Senior Graphic Designer Searching
93 Screenprint Lead Searching
61 Screen Printing Production Team Leaders Florida Searching
62 Screen Printing Manual Press Operator Florida Searching
63 Screen Printing Automatic Screen Printing Operators Florida Searching
65 Screen Printing Supervisors South East Searching
71 Screen Printing Supervisors US Searching
68 Screen Printing Supervisor Searching
75 Screen Printing Supervisor USA Searching
77 Screen Printing Supervisor Searching
86 Screen Printing Supervisor USA Searching
139 Screen Printing Supervisor USA Searching
39 Screen Printing Production Manager CA Searching
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