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Terms of Service

Contingency Based Fees

There is never a fee charged to an Employer/Client Company until an offer is made by the employer, accepted by the candidate, and the candidate begins his/her new position with your company.

Fees for Textile Staffing Link services are earned when a Candidate presented to you is hired by you, or indirectly by you or by one of your affiliates as a result of our efforts within One Year of presentation of the Candidate. Additionally, our Fee is also earned if you refer the Candidate to another employer who hires the Candidate.

Our fee is a One Time Fee per Candidate and is based on the Candidate's first year base salary.

Textile Staffing Link Guarantee

Should the Candidates employment be terminated for reasonable cause during the first 60 days of employment, that Candidate will be replaced for that specific position at no additional charge to you, the hiring company.